Get in ketosis and stay there.


Find Your Why

If you really want to be successful with the keto way of eating, stay focused on why you're doing it.

I have learned a lot about ketogenics through my journey and thought it would be helpful to share some of those tips with you.



There are a variety of ways to do keto - the bottom line lies in your macros. Keep your net carbohydrates below 20 grams per day. Net carbohydrates subtract out fiber since your body doesn't digest fiber and it doesn't affect your blood sugar levels.

Surviving the "flu"


As your body withdrawals from carbohydrates it begins flushing out excess water and minerals. Many people experience flu-like symptoms as a result. You can reduce the effects by increasing your sodium, magnesium and potassium levels, or electrolytes. Pickle juice can provide a quick boost and help combat a nagging headache. Water intake is crucial during this period and exercise will help burn carbs quicker. Make sure you can get a good night's sleep to allow the body time to do its thing.

Intermittent Fasting

After a few weeks to months on keto many people report that their appetite significantly decreases. This allows a natural opportunity for intermittent fasting, or longer periods of time without eating. Not only does this allow your body ample time to process and heal, but it also gives your body a chance to burn off excess body fat. If you are struggling to shed excess pounds and have successfully maintained a state of ketosis for several weeks it may be time to look deeper at intermittent fasting.

Above all, remember why you are doing it - whether it be weight loss, improved health or simply because you want to feel better - let that be your guide and your motivation.



Maybe your first experience with keto wasn't what you expected or proved harder than you thought.

  You should try again and here's why...


You are probably going to give in and eat carbs here and there. It's okay. It happens. So how do you get back on track? You just move on. If you have given your body time to adapt to burning fat, most likely it will burn the carbs and move along. If you've really indulged it might not be so easy and you may be back at square one. 

When I first started keto it took a few tries before it became a lifestyle. This meant multiple restarts. Hence the birth of my kickstart guide. These recipes are meant to get you back into ketosis. I've mapped out an entire week, grocery list and all, to get you back on track. The best part? It's free. 



Cravings are likely the number one culprit holding people back from success with maintaining a state of ketosis.

Keto may feel difficult because our bodies are conditioned to eating carbs. We have grown to like carbs and sometimes it is impossible to turn them down. So how do you stay in ketosis and enjoy what you eat? I've learned that there are a variety of tasty desserts that are within reach. 



​All of my favorites are included in my latest book - Keto Sweetness - Making Peace with Your Sweet Tooth the Keto Way. Check out more below!