Train your body to burn fat instead of sugar.


The "Healthy" Food Myth

What many people do not realize is that many of the foods that are considered "healthy" the body actually ends up turning into sugar, resulting in the spiking of insulin levels, and storage of fat.


Some of these "healthy" foods might include:

  • whole grain breads and cereals

  • oatmeal

  • sweet potatoes

  • rice

  • quinoa

  • corn

  • bananas

  • pineapple

It's easy to see why most Americans are overweight when you spend a little time looking over the macros of some of your favorite snacks. There are so many ways we consume sugars and carbs without even realizing it and it's mind-blowing.  


The Truth About Sugar

Burning Fat VS Burning Sugar

  • Consuming too much sugar has been linked to health problems like obesity, inflammation, heart disease and diabetes.

  • High glucose levels promote insulin resistance that block glucose from entering your cells, affecting amino acid absorption. 

  • It's harder for "Sugar Burners" to access stored fat for energy which means they need to eat more. Have you ever been "#Hangry"?

  • Being Fat Adapted means your body is working at its optimum. Some people report not feeling as drained or tired and having clearer thinking.


Sugar has found it's niche and its in just about everything. But that's where Keto comes in. 



Step 1: Curb the sugar 


This step sounds hard but it's actually easy with the right planning. We have a guide to help you get started here!

Step 2: Take protein down a notch


Some think too much protein could spike your sugar if it's not being used by the body.


Step 3: Eat lots of healthy fats! 


60-75% of your calories should be from fat. 

Step 4: Kickstart Keto now



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