Charcuterie Board

Calling all snack lovers! This one has something for everyone.

Perfect for game day, or any day!

You simply cannot go wrong with the charcuterie board idea. Pack on your favorites, give it some variety and you’re good to go! In this version, I’ve loaded up with keto-friendly options, perfect for a gathering or a late night snack. I often make a slimmed down version of this for my husband and I to snack on when we calm down for the evening and need a late night snack. For those times, it comes down to what we have available. As ketoers, there is always some kind of cheese and meat in the fridge. We’ve also found that adding a few grape tomatoes, a handful of nuts and a few pieces of low carb chocolate gives it just the right balance.

When I prepare a board for a gathering, I typically use a cutting board to display it on. It's convenient to prepare your items on the board and use it to serve as well. If it's just for the husband and I, it's usually on a much smaller scale so a plate works just fine. Size, convenience and audience are the factors to keep in mind.

Whatever your pleasure, it’s fun to mix and match and uncover new combinations. Pair with low carb wines or seltzer drinks, if desired.

Additional ideas:

Meat, cream cheese, pickle wraps

Nuts or seeds

Green onion wraps


Celery stalks

Great idea for gatherings or a night in!

Ingredients (as shown)



Chicken andouille

Turkey sticks

Cubed Colby Jack cheese

Fresh Mozzarella balls

Cranberry Cheddar cheese

Cheese whisps

Black olives

Grape tomatoes





Variety of nuts - Cashews, pecans, pistachios


Slice and dice any cheese that needs to be paired down to bite sized. Arrange on board or serving platter.

Rinse and dry tomatoes, vegetables and any berries you are using. Slice if needed and arrange on board.

Add remaining ingredients to board.

If preparing ahead of time, cover and refrigerate until serving. Otherwise, serve and enjoy!

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